Energy Efficiency

A Smarter, Greener Family Fireplace

The Mendota BurnGreen™ gas burner/control system takes fireplace technology to the next level, bringing energy savings, a beautiful fire, total comfort and convenience to your home like never before.

BurnGreen™ means burning smarter

BurnGreen™ means burning smarter, giving you choices to conserve fuel and help the environment. The Mendota BurnGreen™ system lets you turn the burners and the pilot on and off, adjust the heat and blower output—and even turn off the rear burner on mild days. You can also control room temperature using the remote control’s digital thermostat. And, it’s all done with the touch of a button.

Comfort at your fingertips

Our smart thermostat feature puts complete comfort within your grasp. Simply set your desired room temperature and the BurnGreen™ system will automatically adjust heat output—so you conserve energy and enjoy even room temperature without the “spikes.”

What you can do from the comfort of your chair:*

  • Turn the pilot and burners on and off
  • Adjust the heat output to your comfort
  • Turn the blowers on and off or adjust blower air output
  • Turn the FireLight on and off
  • Turn off the rear burner on mild days and late nights
  • Set “smart” thermostat for automatic room temperature control